Bar Abilene restaurant, located in the trendy Uptown area of Minneapolis, features award winning Western food and drinks. The new cowboy fusion cuisine being presented at Bar Abilene, under Chef Adam Droski, is a natural extension of Southwestern Cuisine. Cowboy Fusion is based on the bold flavors and cooking traditions of U.S.- Mexican border cuisine and the fact that modern transportation has made the world a much smaller place, to produce a style that encompasses global cuisines with similar ingredients.

For instance, it is no coincidence that chilies, a staple of Southwest cooking, are also widely used in the cuisines of Asia and the Mediterranean countries. A new dish at Bar Abilene that shows off this style is the Flash-Fried Calamari, Wasabi and Smoked Tomato Aioli. This dish uses a seafood staple of Asia and the Mediterranean and includes the bold flavor approach of including wasabi with the pure Texas flavor of smoked tomato in a classic Mediterranean sauce of aioli. A truly global melding of complimentary flavors and textures.

“Cowboy Fusion” is exemplified with the Flash Fried Calamari, Citrus Glazed Chicken Fajitas, Chocolate Ancho Diablo Cake and Coconut Tres Leche Cake.

Bar Abilene is operated by the umbrella organization Cuisine Concepts.

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